• Blupo

    English Mandate

    January 11, 2019 by Blupo

    Hello everyone,

    The Policy and guidelines has been updated with the following:

    • All content and discussions must be in English, unless the topic requires referencing to content in other languages.

    Non-English content is no longer allowed on the wiki, except when your are referencing to content in other languages. For example, including commentary on the Kusanagi and using its Japanese name is allowed.

    If you have a problem with this change, you may create a different-language version of this wiki.

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  • Blupo

    October 2018 Updates

    October 9, 2018 by Blupo

    Hello everyone! There are some updates to tell you about.

    New Rules We have been working on re-writing the rules to be more clear and less strictly categorised, which made it difficult to change/add certain rules.

    • Policies and guidelines are merged together again
    • Vandalism and spam are better defined
    • The "no out-of-game currency trading" rule is now the "SB2 currency only trades" rule
    • Controversial topics and mature content are no longer allowed
    • The explanation regarding filtered edits is less verbose (and confusing)
    • Stricter rules on the use of external links
    • Mini-modding is not allowed (this isn't new, but I feel like people don't know this rule exists)
    • The Content Policy is much more expanded
      • Non-factual information is explicitly unallowed
      • Loosen…
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  • Blupo

    User Tags

    July 14, 2018 by Blupo

    Hello everyone. This is a small announcement.

    You can now display your Discord and Roblox tags using two templates.

    • Template:DiscordTag for Discord tags.
    • Template:RobloxTag for Roblox IGNs.

    Here are my tags:

    You can view the respective template pages to learn how to use them. You can use them anywhere where it's appropriate, like your User page or in comments.

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  • Blupo

    New Wiki Rules

    July 7, 2018 by Blupo

    Oh boy.

    Hello everyone, today we are doing a comprehensive rewrite of the rules of this wiki. This updated rules are meant to clarify what you can and cannot do on the wiki, what we want the wiki to look like, as well as what you can and can't receive punishment for. The rules are also being restructured into Policies and Guidelines. Policies will define punishable actions. Guidelines define how the wiki should act and look, but they are only suggestions.

    The new rules can be found at Project:Rules. The Policies specificially can be found at Project:Policy, and the Guidelines can be found at Project:Guidelines. Additionally, they are included at the bottom of this blog post.

    When will the rules go into effect?
    The new Policies will go into effect …
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  • Blupo

    Hello everyone,

    We have decided to begin throttling article comments. In the initial stage, you will only be able to post 3 comments per hour on articles. Note that this applies for all articles, for example, if you post 3 comments on the Market, you will not be able to post any other comments on other articles for one hour. This may change if people are posting too many comments, or if we think that we can be more lenient.

    The intent of this change is to limit the number of trading comments on articles. As it currently stands, there is no system for trading on the wiki, and most people use article comments. We do not want to stop people from trading, but we also can't keep up with the amount of comments being created each day.

    You may be won…

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  • Blupo

    Market Editors

    June 24, 2018 by Blupo

    Due to abuse and unreasonable price deviations, several admins and I have decided to restrict the Market page to editing by admins and a select group of people called Market Editors.

    We may be looking for editors at a later time. If you would like to be a Market Editor, please keep in mind:

    • You must not be banned from Swordburst 2, the wiki, or the Discord
    • You wiki account must not have been blocked within the last 6 months
    • If you have edited the Market, your prices must have been reasonably close to the Value List prices
    • Your wiki account must be autoconfirmed or higher (moderator/administrator)
    • You should have experience trading
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  • Blupo

    Hello everyone.

    This has been something that people were talking about for a while before it faded into the background. User pages are vandalised infrequently, but user pages are more personal than articles, and vandalising them feels somewhat like an invasion of someone's personal space.

    There is now a new abuse filter rule that will prevent any user from editing your user pages unless you explicitly give them permission. How do you give them permission? You need to insert the template onto the page you want to give permissions to. The editors field should be a comma-separated list of users that have editing permissions on the page.

    You, admins, and other administrative people are still allowed to edit your pages, even if you don't give them per…

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