The Gargoyle Reaper is one of the two mini-bosses of Va' Rok. It drops the Suspension, Cataclysm, Oblivion, Horns, and the Coffin. This mini-boss spawns every 2 minutes and 45 seconds.


To find the Gargoyle Reaper you need to head into the portal on the first island that teleports you to the second island, which is located next to the Polyserpant arena. From there, you must go to the back-right corner of the second island and make a loop around a mountain, where at the center of the top, is a teleporter to the Gargoyle Reaper.


You can encircle it and attack it while someone else distracts it.

The best way to deal Gargoyle Reaper is to lure the Undead Warriors first to the Lava area, as these mobs will not be able to get across the invisible walls, trap 5 of them before you attack The Gargoyle Reaper, once you've finished trapping, try to lure the Reaper into a stuck point and kill it with longer range weapons such as Limbo, Requiem and Oblivion, as it might not be able to hit you, it's respawn point is already a stuck point, as you remain on the left side of it's respawn point, don't attack it's side or behind while it's stuck, as it will be free and will begin chasing you (or other players) as a result.

There is a way to trap it by bringing it to the last pillar to the left,and use a Reikoro,Valikaze or Oblivion to hit it,although you have to watch out from mobs attacking you from your right there.


  • It appears it is holding a weapon with a similar model as the Cataclysm on its hand, but larger and darker, also stronger.
  • This mob can deal a lot of damage. It is recommended to be a high level to battle it, it also requires you to have a high damaging sword and high defense armor equipped.
  • It is the first mini-boss to drop legendary items.
  • It is the first mini-boss to drop accessories.
  • Although the Polyserpant and Mortis the Flaming Sear have more health than the Gargoyle Reaper; despite only being a mini-boss; it inflicts more damage to players.
  • Attacking the reaper behind its back was once an effective strategy before the pillars were patched.
  • The Face on the Gargoyle Reaper is identical to the Fire Seeker Shield but the shield has only 1 eye.
  • Like the Shady Villager (a regular mob), this miniboss focuses on damage more than health.
  • The Gargoyle Reaper was inspired by the Fatal Scythe from the Anime and it also wields a similar weapon as the Fatal Scythe