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The Skull Mask is a rare accessory that provides +21% Stamina Regeneration but hinders your Health Regeneration by -6%. It is dropped by the Forest Wanderer in the Blooming Plateau.

The drop rate for this item is 1%.


  • When released, the stats of this accessory were bugged, raising its Stamina Regeneration to 22,000%.
    • This was fixed in a previous update and additionally nerfed to 20%, alongside a debuff of -10% Health Regeneration prior of Christmas 2021.
  • The design of this mask resembles the mask worn by Death Gun in the anime series Sword Art Online.
  • This accessory can be like a polar opposite of Coffin; having the same regen percentages but swapped purposes.
  • The best way to counter its -6% health debuff is to use any high health regeneration, such as Festive Scarf, Black Scarf, Kusanagi, Faithkeeper, and/or shields.