The Verified Guilds

Here are the current members of the Verified Guilds program, along with the information they've provided. If you want your guild to be included, you can apply here.

Name Description Link(s)
Fog logo v2 FOG FOG is an established guild which is very much team-orientated. We're happy to take on and help players of all levels and are proud of the friendly community we've build. FOG has daily activities to keep members busy including (but not limited to) boss raids, item farming, player leveling, and PvP. We're currently developing our community further by creating new teams that members can strive to join or even run.
Aincrad Liberation Force
We are a friend Guild , we do not PK any members randomly but if someone attacks us we will defend ourselves. At the moment we are a very small Guild but I trust that we can get bigger. We try to help out low level members by giving the person items that suit their level or trying to help them beat the boss, and get on to the next floor. We hope you will join us and help us grow.
The Iron Legion
The Iron Legion is a neutral guild based around the game SwordBurst 2. We aim to help lower levels and higher levels alike. We have 3 teams 2 of which have 2 ranks in the team and possibly a third if they apply when the rank isn't filled. We have 3 allies; FOG, Phoenix Fighters, and Crimson Bloods. We try to keep our SwordBurst knowledge peaked so we can help our members the best we can possibly do. We try to recruit daily and have an active community full of nice people.
The Axiom Church
TAC, or The Axiom Church goes back to the roots of DDA Guilds. We only use level roles like how the previous, successful guilds did. We're also throwing in a modern addition to TAC by including a special squad called the Integrity Knights (Yes, like the new SAO season). TAC started as an experiment to update DDA but has shown enough potential to become a separate, self-sufficient guild. When TAC gets more HRs, Vice Commanders will get personal offices and TAC will have a "Survey" role so Wiki Members who need to check on the server can do so with
CWR Logo
Chaos Warriors Remastered
Chaos Warriors Remastered

CWR is a guild built to replace the fallen guild of CW. We will build upon its successes, and fix It's failures. CWR Includes:

  • A New Ranking System
  • New Teams
  • More Staff, And Better Overall Moderation
  • An Improved Trade Section
  • And Many More Features To Come!
Ominous Mercenaries
Ominous Mercenaries

A new but welcoming guild, the Ominous Mercenaries are a group of players both new and experienced alike. We've got raids and game nights for our members, as well as a trade channel and rankings to promote activity and a close-knit community. Our guild is constantly striving to grow and improve, and be the best it can be!
Scarlet Lions
Scarlet Lions
Scarlet Lions

The Scarlet Lions Guild is an Official Guild of the game SwordBurst 2 and Sword Burst Online game series. We are an Anti-PK guild that works towards the goal of becoming some of the best, strongest, and richest players in the game and making a peaceful, Player-Killing free game. We support each other and help those in need of it. The members of the Scarlet Lion guild are the kind and the powerful. Helping the new and weak, becoming the strongest we can, all while slaying those who oppose us. We are a proud guild who continues to grow in power and numbers by the day. Join us, for we are the Lions, in the world of swords.
Crimson Militia
Crimson Militia

The Crimson Militia is many things some are,

  • 75 Members as of today
  • Giveaways at least once a week
  • Events every other day
  • Active staff
  • Active members
  • Great community
  • and Family Friendly